Fitness Center

The Fitness Retreat is a full service fitness facility. We have Hoist strength training equipment and Precor cardiovascular equipment. Our goal is to stay current with the newest fitness equipment on the market to constantly intrigue your fitness interests. We want you to stay focused and challenged with your fitness endeavors

Personal Training
60 minute ~ 45 minute ~ 30 minute sessions
     Private personal training sessions designed exclusively with each individuals goals in mind. We will teach, motivate and encourage so that you will reach your personal fitness goals.

  • Our customers deserve our undivided attention, total satisfaction, and a permanent place as a member in our family of clients.
  • Our strength lies in our community and we strive toward fostering its wellness and growth.
  • We believe business is much more than a place of work, it is an environment for enjoyment and sharing.​

Baseball Conditioning & Cage Rental​
Please contact us if you are interested in a conditioning session or a private baseball cage rental!

Personal Fitness Evaluation

 A fitness evaluation including muscular strength, trunk flexibility, spirometer (lung volume), blood pressure and cardiovascular endurance. The intensive test includes the body composition analysis.

Body Composition Analysis

Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis uses a safe electrical signal to measure body impedence. The signal is conducted through water contained in the body. Lean tissue has more water than fat tissue and allows the signal to pass easily. The fat tissue resists the signal, which is termed impedence. The BIA prints out a complete composition profile in seconds including body fat percentage, body fat mass, free mass, estimated muscle mass, total body water and basal metabolic rate.

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